Affiliated Program

Affiliated program

You have a brick and mortar shop and no time to even think about a website! We understand because we were there.  Don’t worry! We can help you. If you are asked often “do you sell online?” then you have a niche. You are selling boutique cigars that are not available with big online retailers and your customers want to buy from you and they remember your name.

We will build you a home landing page with all your brick and mortar store’s info as well as pictures, videos, and social platform links. We will place an icon Buy cigars on your page that is named after your store and for any sale directed by your Landing page we will pay you 15% of the online sale.

Your online presence will grow and when you are ready to do your online sales and fulfill your orders in house we will help you and support you with the transition.

Right now, if you are not online 0x15%=0.  With your affiliated online site with an average of $2000 per month sales 2000×15%=$300.00. We will help you make the car payment and you don’t touch a box!

Interested? Drop us a line using the form below and we will get with you to go over the process!